Service profile

Perfectly matched to your needs

Successful positioning on the market requires a strong partner. That is why we offer an individual, well founded and authentic service for your specific needs:

Asset Management

By constant analysis we have developed deep insight in our target markets and customers. Our clear geographic focus enables us to go deeper and to understand in more detail the market mechanisms and future developments.

Insight is our base for active work with our properties.

Property Management

To our understanding creating value in real estate sums up by many little steps – seldom a big jump leads to the finish line. That means to keep in constant touch with the property. Initiate action ahead of time, react fast and pragmatic when it is demanded. Focus on expenditures by understanding the value. And always on-site.

No thrill but daily work. Low credits but high value.

Mieter Management

The tenant is the only source of income of a property - others we don´t know. He is simply the customer. Not always easy to handle, but that only increases the challenge. Care for, listen and talk openly, make your point, keep on the track and be present. That makes often the difference but there is no guarantee.

To us, a reasonable tenant structure is of key value driver.